AWS CWI Enrollment

Enrollment into our AWS CWI Preparatory Course does NOT also register you for the CWI Exam. These are two different processes but both will be explained here. To request a preparatory course enrollment package be mailed or emailed to you, please fill out the form below, call us at (361) 643-3400, or feel free to stop by our office and pick it up in person. All documents included in the Enrollment Package can be downloaded from this page as well.

How to Enroll in the Preparatory Course

Upon completion of course enrollment agreement and full payment ($1,975 for full course, $1,075 for 9 year renewal), course material will be made available for the student to pick up at the Base Line Data Career Center office located at 206 Lang Road in Portland, TX or shipped to the student with an additional shipping fee of $30.00.

How to Register for the Examination

Exam fee paid to AWS is $1.065

If you need help filling out the exam application, please see our “How to Fill Out a CWI Exam App” guide.

To request all the information and forms necessary for course and exam enrollment please fill out the following: