AWS CWI Prep Course


Our Certified Welding Inspector, or CWI Prep Course is designed to help the student who has a background in the design, fabrication and/or inspection of welding, prepare for the American Welding Society (AWS) CWI Certification exam.  Many of our industries require that an inspector have this certification to perform welding inspection. Being a Certified Welding Inspector will assist in obtaining employment in this field and boost one's potential for higher pay.

What to Expect on the CWI Exam

The CWI exam requires 72% for a passing score on each of its three sections: Part A: Fundamentals, Part B: Practical, and Part C: Code Book.  Students who score at least 60%, but below 72% on these three sections will receive  a CAWI certification.  A Certified Associate Welding Inspector, or CAWI, requires a minimum of two years welding related experience.  CAWIs also are not allowed to sign off on paperwork.  Upon successfully qualifying and testing to the requirements put forth by the American Welding Society (AWS), the student will be receive a National Certification, which will be active for three years.

What to Expect from our CWI Prep Course

Course material begins with the fundamentals covered in the Welding Inspection Technology (WIT) book.  This coincides with Part A of the CWI Exam.  The course will then go into the code book section covered on the CWI Exam Part C.  Because of the complexity of teaching multiple code books to different students, we will only teach the API 1104 code for the exam.  The Part B Practical or hands-on is the last section covered in class.

In an effort to fit the busy schedules of our potential students, we offer both day and night courses available throughout the year.  The day courses will consist of 10 weekdays at 8 hours per day. The night courses will consist of 3-4 hour class periods for 20 weekdays.  Both day and night courses consist of 80 classroom hours of lecture and hands-on training, and as much lab time the student wishes to put in.  Our labs are outfitted to provide  each student with all the materials necessary to prepare for the CWI Exam.  This includes tools, plastic weld replicas, course books, and computers with 25 different electronic practice tests covering all 3 sections of the CWI Exam.

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