API 653 Prep Course – Storage Vessel Inspector

We see clients currently pushing harder to get their storage tanks into compliance with federal regulations.  For years these have been left at the back end of the inspection effort while the piping and pressure vessels were given first attention.  Although efforts are now being made, there is a shortage of qualified inspectors for this task.  More qualified inspectors must step up to the plate.

Our American Petroleum Institute (API) 653 Preparatory Course is designed to prepare students for this examination to become certified. A candidate must be familiar with Maximum Fill Heights, Weld Discontinuities, Inspection Requirements, ASME Section IX, API-650 Construction Code and much more.  When we look at tank, it may appear to be not more than a large can holding a fluid, but it is.  A leaking floor plate can contaminate the underground water supply beneath creating a serious environmental issue.  A ruptured side can be a major source for an unscheduled shutdown or fire.  A leak in the pontoons of a floating roof can eliminate an effective seal system or cause the loss of storage capacity.  Tanks are a major part of the operating infrastructure of a plant and must be inspected and maintained.

The API 653 Preparatory Course covers in detail the Body of Knowledge that a student must be familiar with to pass this examination.  A minimum of fifteen (15) students is necessary for the class to form.  The daytime course will consist of eight (8) hour days for six (6) days.  The cost of the course will cover the training and classroom handout material only.  All code material and API exam fees are the responsibility of the student. These courses are offered at least four times a year and the dates, pricing and sign-up can be accessed through the posted schedule.


Unfortunately, we currently do not have any API 653 Preparatory Courses scheduled.  Please contact us at info@BLDCareerCenter.com or continue to check back for any changes.